Kormo-Safe 800 Anti-Entrapment Pool Outlet

Bringing Safety to Swimming Pools

The KORMO-SAFE 800 anti-entrapment pool outlet is the logical solution to this recurring danger in swimming pools.

Swimming pool entrapment is a real risk to children and adults.  The Kormo-Safe 800 pool outlet product is the safe solution.

We at Aqua blue Ltd strongly believe that, in the 21st century, this product ought to be a standard safety fitting on all swimming pools.

With worrying regularity, a child or adult becomes entrapped in a pool outlet and drowns or is seriously injured by the inescapable suction force of the pool pump. This happens in a split second and you do not have time to go and switch the pump off.

Even if miraculously someone manages to free the bather from the suction force, they often suffer serious internal injuries, in some cases resulting in being disembowelled.

Another risk is hair entrapment inside the grille, making it impossible to unwind or for the bather to break free.

We have listed some of these publicised incidents on our case studies page.

Swimming pool entrapment tragedies can be avoided. The Kormo-safe 800 is the foolproof solution!

The accepted practice regarding pools built in Britain is to include two outlets in order to take the flow if one is blocked by a sitting bather. We have stressed concerns to the pool trade regarding the obvious situations when this system will fail and received endorsement of this new product. I.e. two children both diving in and competing to sit on the two outlets. Although this is rare, it’s the sort of thing that children do.

Pool outlets can be blocked by debris and we have found a sump completely blocked by a clear plastic bag which was invisible from above. This rendered the remaining sump dangerous because all of the suction force is through that sump alone. Pools with incorrect pipework, valves or pump sizing can equally place bathers at risk of swimming pool entrapment.

In a commercial pool with many more bathers and usually more powerful pumps, creating greater suction, there is even more danger of pool entrapment.

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