The Kormo-safe 800 anti-entrapment pool outlet consists of a channel (either 2m for domestic use or 3.2m for the commercial outlet) constructed from heavy duty 5mm UPVC. This is encapsulated in GRP for extra strength. Then there is an upper frame in strong 9mm thick UPVC with commercial grade polypropylene ‘I’ section grille conforming to the 8mm safety gap.

This grille is secured with tamper proof fixings.

There are several large pipe outlets (2 on the domestic and 3 on the commercial version).

Baffle plates fitted over the outlet pipework are designed to break up any vortex and prevent hair entrapment. Bespoke outlets for specific pool projects can be fabricated to order.

We have supplied the pool trade with special fabrications and outlets for over 25 years and our trade prices for these products are as follows:

  • Domestic Nominal 2 Metre £1365.00 plus delivery at cost. No vat.
  • Commercial Nominal 3.2 Metre £1750.00 plus delivery at cost. No vat.

The product is sent in either two or three sections with connecting spigots to allow for wrapping to a 1.2 metre pallet, for safe delivery.
We can also design & supply bespoke outlets for special situations.

The Kormo-safe 800 anti-entrapment pool outlet has no moving parts and is built to last using robust materials used in leisure centre pools. It’s the foolproof remedy and if fitted will bring peace of mind to the pool owner or hotel pool operative for years to come. It is the only logical solution to the problem of suction hazards.

Our product may cost a bit more than two domestic sumps but what price can you put on a child or loved one’s life? N.B. Two sumps will not guarantee to make the pool safe.

For converting existing pools

The Kormo-safe 800 outlet can be easily built into new pool designs. In addition, Aqua Blue Ltd offer an advisory service to help contractors convert existing pools to be Kormo-safe 800 pools.

Aqua Blue Designs has been designing both domestic and commercial pools and spa baths for several decades, so please consult us on this. Although you may not see it, there is an easy way to achieve the conversion in most cases with a limited amount of retiling and without too much disruption.

Thousands of pools around the world are still unsafe and operators will be at risk of prosecution

  • An ex-president of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers stated not long ago that lots of pools in Britain and abroad are not meeting safety standards and present a risk to bathers
  • Swimming pool owners and operators have a legal duty of care to protect and keep safe pool users
  • Many surveys of pools by the National Water Safety Forum and RoSPA state that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of bathers

Owners of commercial pools take note

  • Any pool which is not for the use of a family and immediate friends are classed as ‘commercial’
  • Pools open to members of the public as club members or to any fee-paying person; fitness sessions, mother and baby classes, pools with holiday chalets etc are all subject to these standards
  • Fatalities caused by failures on the part of management or owners can result in charges of corporate manslaughter against management individuals; not against a limited company

Pool designers, installers and engineers

These people also carry a heavy responsibility to design to build and to advise their clients with safety paramount in their minds. Conforming to Spata standards, BS EN 15288, PWTAG and H&S executive recommendations as well as accepted good practice.

Every pool should have a Kormo-safe 800 outlet!

We urge all pool owners or those in the process of having a pool built, to ensure their contractors specify this foolproof product which will save lives and injuries.

Or consult us at Aqua Blue Ltd.

NB Aqua Blue Ltd have for many years supplied the pool trade with bespoke commercial pool fittings; one-off outlets, eg for commercial flumes and rapids, inlets, niches, jets, and heavy-duty transfer grilles for deck level pools. There are thousands of metres of our grilles, still in service in leisure centres and hotels. We supply bespoke balance tanks, balance tank float valves, one-off conduits and pipe manifolds, special fabrications for experience showers, water features etc in GRP, polypropylene or stainless steel. Call us if you need such fabrications.

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