In the domestic market, we have seen some improvements to sump design over the years. But, they do not address all of the potential entrapment hazards.

The fool-proof remedy is the KORMO-SAFE 800 anti-entrapment pool outlet. This solution can save lives and give pool owners peace of mind.

It costs a bit more than two sumps but can you put a cost on someone’s life?

The domestic pool version is 2m long by 150cm wide with a 10cm deep channel. It has two 3″ pipe connection points and baffle plates over the suction points to prevent hair entrapment.

White or beige grilles are standard within the price and other colours are available and priced on request.

All grilles conform to the 8mm maximum safe gap to avoid toe entrapment and the grilles are thoroughly secured to prevent bathers removing them and putting themselves at risk.

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See also the Kormo-safe 800 commercial outlet.

Kormo Safe 800 pool outlet
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