The KORMO-SAFE 800 outlet can be easily built into new commercial pool designs at the design stage.
For EXISTING commercial pools Aqua blue designs offer an advisory service to help contractors convert existing pools to be KORMO-SAFE 800 pools.

The commercial pool version is 3.2m long by 150cm wide (with a deeper channel) and has three 4″ pipe connections and baffle plates over each.

White or beige grills are standard within the price and other colours are available and priced on request.

All grilles conform to the 8mm maximum safe gap to avoid toe entrapment and the grilles are thoroughly secured to prevent bathers removing them and putting themselves at risk.

We have been designing both domestic and commercial pools and spa baths for several decades, so please consult us on this. We can usually find a way to achieve the conversion with a limited amount of retiling and disruption.

A bespoke commercial Kormo-safe has been installed in a hydro pool currently under construction` in E Anglia ( 2018)

Kormo Safe 800 Commercial pool outlet
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